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​The work of Abraham Hienekamp (1994) lies somewhere in between photography, fashion, video art and graphic design. Abraham explores social, political and personal themes. 


Overthink is based on a story about one person’s experience with the physical and mostly mental effects of psoriasis.   
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Gender was created as part of a project called “hokjesgeest” in the Netherlands. This work was selected as one of the best pictures out the 165 entry’s all from art schools in The Netherlands and Belgium. They were put on display for several months in the Affiche Gallery in Den Haag and in the 3sec Gallery in Breda.
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GRIP is an exploration of the desperate things we do when we try to hold on to the things we actually need to let go.
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A human brain increases Serotonin levels by spreading and receiving kindness, which makes you happy.
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